Why enter the same info several times in several tools?

Why enter the same info several times in several tools?

It seems absurd, doesn’t it?

And yet it is not so easy to avoid it!

It suffices for the company to have several IT systems that were not designed to communicate with each other, so as to force users for example to input a customer record several times.

If these are recurring actions, they can prove to be a major brake on the productivity of the company.

Especially since to re-input provides a risk that the same information is not entered perfectly in the same way with for example, differences in the case (upper / lower case), differences in accents or punctuation.

When it comes to being able to reconcile this information, these discrepancies can become real nightmares, making it difficult for example, to find in the accounting system the invoices of a customer whose name would have been entered differently in the CRM (customer relationship management system).

The accumulation of these re-input problems has impact on productivity or even on the company’s ability to generate income, when they involve a lot of data handled in several tools and by different teams on a scale that can be international.

Fortunately, there are preventive and curative solutions!

In this case, the implementation of master data managers is crucial to improve productivity, avoid customer dissatisfaction and save revenues.

The deployment of these solutions requires a good knowledge of the principles of architecture, as well as a fine diagnosis of the existing tools and the business processes of the company in order to suggest the right technical and organizational changes necessary for its success.

Why enter the same info several times in several tools?